Patient Wellness Kits

This initiative focuses on providing free self-care kits, with a particular emphasis on serving low-income individuals and people of color. Recognizing the disproportionate health risks and financial stress faced by these communities, we aim to alleviate their burden by offering self-care resources. By addressing cultural barriers and providing accessible tools and knowledge, we empower individuals to take care of their mental and emotional well-being. These kits will be offered to patients in waiting rooms who may feel anxious, during patient’s appointments or hospital stay, and to students at low income schools. Request this resource here!
  • Art provides a transformative and healing outlet that allows hospital patients to express emotions, find comfort, and regain a sense of control.
  • Customized pencils and affirmation cards will serve as reminders for patients to feel seen and empowered.
  • Stress toys offer a simple and accessible way to relieve tension, reduce anxiety, and find moments of calm.
  • Lotion serves as a comforting and therapeutic aid for hospital patients.
  • Stuffed animals play a crucial role in providing a sense of security and emotional well-being.
  • Building blocks promote cognitive development and enhance problem-solving abilities.