Care Kits for the Unhoused

This initiative is dedicated to supporting the unhoused community by providing kits filled with essential items and menstrual products for women. We recognize the profound impact that access to basic necessities has on the well-being of individuals experiencing homelessness so we aim to address the unique challenges faced by this vulnerable population.

Each kit will come with handmade cards made by youth around the city to lift people’s spirits and serve as a reminder that we are a support system for them.

  • Body wipes and dry shampoo offer a convenient way to maintain hygiene.
  • Fuzzy socks, hats, hand warmers, and beanies provide warmth and comfort during San Francisco’s chilly weather.
  • Tissues and bandaids address immediate health concerns.
  • Hand sanitizer promotes cleanliness and masks help protect against airborne illnesses.
  • Pads and snacks are essentials for helping people thrive.